Helvetestromb EP


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The Helvetestromb EP is a call to arms for true, fast and gritty metal. As it once was - but rarely is today. This is music to bump your head and your fist to. Music for crusties and metalheads. Raw energy.

This is also a symbol of appreciation to all those great, raw bands of the eighties that are no more.


released July 18, 2014

ANAL DESEKRATOR - vocals & bass
GRYM EJAKULATOR (ov Doom) - guitars & backing vocals
ÜBERFUHRER (ov Sado-violations) - drums & backing vocals

Recorded, mixed and mastered by JOCKE at WOLFDENSTUDIO, STHLM on the 21st and 22nd of June 2014.

All songs written and arranged by SKOLL.



all rights reserved


SKOLL Stockholm, Sweden

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Track Name: Annihilation, Immolation and Disintegration
All is calm all is well
When all creations go to hell
Clearblue is the color ov the sky

The High lords ov doom unlimited
The coming ov supreme darkness
Aligned with Satan

Eternal grimness
A trillion little pieces cold and dead
Total domination backed by

Fear! Deceit! Self-Gain! Ways ov the Grym!
Perversion! Corruption! Obsession! Lords ov pure terror!

Unfriendly neighbor
Destroyer ov the worlds we command
We, the bringers ov chaos

Unending power ov blasphemy
We, elite of mankind

Even if the cost is immense
The result greatly satisfies

The blackest vision made alive
We demand submission

Sadism! Vileness! Barons ov Hell!
Dictators! Opressors! Purest ov all!

All is calm all is well
When the deed is done advance
Aim towards heaven

God sends message ov surrender
Reload and let him beg a little longer

With the force ov seven suns
God shits his pants
Vaporized blood fumes
Our supremacy stands unmatched
We're the Omega
Track Name: Helvetestromb
A spire of molten magma
spat forth from the depths
freeze the blood of humans
burn away their flesh

Ash in raging black winds
The skies clad in death
Towering inferno
Tear asunder all of earth

Änglars klagosång
Jordens undergång


Mighty blazing devil phallus
rape the heavenly plains
angels fall down in agony
thrashed they go insane

Änglars klagosång
Jordens undergång